what ıs the frınge?

‘’The outer, marginal, or extreme part of an area, group, or sphere of activity.’’

the hıstory

In the city of Edinburgh in 1947 eight theatre groups turned up in uninvited wanting to perform at the (then newly formed) Edinburgh International Festival, an initiative created to celebrate and enrich European cultural life in the wake of the Second World War. Not being part of the official programme of the International festival didn’t stop these performers – they just went ahead and staged their shows anyway.

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Istanbul FRINGE festıval

The Fringe Festival, held once a year in many cities of the world, is coming to Istanbul for the first time on September 18-22, 2019. Istanbul Fringe Festival brings together local and international artists producing contemporary works in the performing arts disciplines in several venues of Istanbul. In this 5-day festival, there will be workshops, artist meetings and parties as well as main events such as dance, theater and performances.


Istanbul FrIngE festıval Events