We warmly thank all venues that have generously opened their doors to host our events for the first edition of Istanbul Fringe Festival which will take place between September 18 and 22. The 2019 Festival will be take place in several venues throughout the city of Istanbul as shown below;


moda sahnesi

Renovating the historical and symbolic Moda Cinema Hall of Kadıköy in 2013, Moda Sahnesi started operating as a veritable culture and art center and became swiftly one of the most important theatre venues of Istanbul.


Founded in 2017, DasDas became one of the most important art venues of Istanbul. Located in a unique location in Ataşehir, DasDas contains theatre stage, workshop studios, a restaurant and a concert hall forming an important “culture-art production and sharing” center.


MSGSÜ Çağdaş Dans Anasanat Dalı

IMG_4766 2.JPG

Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University - Contemporary Dance Art Major department’s venue, located in Bomonti campus of the University, is one of the most exciting venues in Istanbul both for contemporary art education and unique artistic works.  



Craft Tiyatro is founded as a theatre company in 2011 by a group of young people interested in arts, theatre, reading and acting. In 2014, the company moved to their current place in Kadıköy where they gave life to an inspiring venue for theatre and workshops .



NoAct Sahne was established in 2016 by renovating an historical building (dating back to 1868, operating as a French Creche)  to transform it into a brand new theatre hall. Beside having their own productions as a theatre company, the space also hosts local and international theatre companies, organizes diverse events such as artistic interviews, exhibitions, musicals, and also provides acting workshops in their venue.



Since 2008, Tiyatro Bereze is known for their unique theatre and art projects and for providing innovative workshops in diverse venues of Istanbul. In their newly founded place, Gösteri Evi, they have directed their 10 year long efforts into an inspiring workshop studio in Galata.


Founded in 2009 by Altıdan Sonra Theatre Company with contributions from individual and corporate supporters, Kumbaracı50 became an important theatre venue for Istanbul over the years  producing and hosting unique and inspiring works. Also operating as workshop studio and providing acting workshops, Kumbaracı50 takes its name from the Kumbaracı Street, apartment no 50.


kadıköy boa sahne

Besides staging their own productions, Kadıkoy Boa Sahne provides a cosy theatre environment to local/international artists to devise their plays, exhibitions, performances, musical activities, workshops, trainings and hosts diverse culture/art events.